On the road to the 2014 Celebration of Fine Art show

A candid look behind the scenes of Arizona’s most popular art show

The 2014 Celebration of Fine Art show opened on January 11, 2014. As usual, the crowds of art lovers are eager to see the stunning artist displays.

But there is a less-glamorous side of an art show that the public doesn’t get to see. Setting up a show is hard, messy work! I thought you might like to take a peek behind the scenes to see what goes on before the dazzle begins.

Before the show

Finished paintings, all ready to go.

The great cat migration - Heidi Rosner WatercolorsThis is the time of year of “the great cat migration.” Sabine has her bags packed and is ready for the road trip to the show.

Packed fine art - Heidi Rosner Watercolors
The car is all packed. I have several month’s worth of art and all my art supplies in here so I drive to Arizona very carefully!

At the show

Arrival at the art show - Heidi Rosner Watercolors
The artists at the show build their own booths. Here’s my booth with just the wall materials and rolled carpet. Time for some elbow grease.

Building the walls of the art booth - Heidi Rosner WatercolorsFirst step is to build the walls…

Patching the walls of the art booth - Heidi Rosner Watercolors…then patch the walls…

The painting is done in the booth - Heidi Rosner Watercolors…and finally, paint the walls and lay the carpet.

The lights are done in the booth - Heidi Rosner WatercolorsThen, comes one of the most important parts of the booth: installing and adjusting the lights.

Hanging the artwork - Heidi Rosner WatercolorsOnce everything is ready and dry, I hang the artwork.

The finished art show booth - Heidi Rosner WatercolorsAh! That’s more like it.

Opening night - Heidi Rosner WatercolorsOpening night! Time to relax and enjoy a well-earned glass of champagne.

I hope you enjoyed this small look into the life of a working artist. If you are in Scottsdale any time during January 11 – March 23, 2014, please come visit me at the show! I’d love to see you. If you can’t make the show, please take a look at my newest work, right here on my website in the Heidi Rosner online gallery.