Take a moment to read what these collectors have to say about Heidi Rosner’s work

“The Prickly Pears arrived in perfect condition. I hung them today. They are stunning in the room. I can’t get used to seeing them, so I keep going into the living room just to look at them! I’ve already had neighbors over to view. The Prickly Pears and the Birds of Paradise have brought a new spark of beauty to my place. Thank you so much for doing these for me. Thanks again and stay in touch.” ~B. Murden

“Tuscan Rooftops was received and is hanging in our home. It seems as if the colors were custom made for our home.  Thank you again for sharing your talent. Your art transforms me to Italy each day.” ~A. Halpenny

“The painting was delivered today. I just uncrated it and…WOW! It is so beautiful. I can’t wait for Jack to come home so we can put it up. Thanks again for decorating our new home!” ~V. Hardy

“We received your painting early this afternoon — what great delivery service! We hope to get back to Celebration again next year, and look forward to seeing you once again.  Thanks for all the good documentation, etc.  Everything has been handled in such a professional yet personal way, and we appreciate it very much.” ~R. & J. Nissen

“It arrived! I love it! It’s on our bedroom wall! It’s so full of life, joy and energy.”~D Hughes

“Heidi Rosner is as gifted as an artist as she is wonderful to deal with. Heidi has been an advertiser in the Arizona Collector’s Guide for years. She has always been a joy to work with. Furthermore, her artwork has always been one of my personal favorites in my publication. The details and fluid movements she uses are a truly masterful. I do highly recommend Heidi Rosner and her artwork. I know many artists and galleries in the state of Arizona, and the combination of her work ethics, business ethics, and quality of artwork are second to none.” ~M. Marerro, Owner, Marrero Publishing

“Heidi’s work is simply amazing. She has a unique way of capturing the essence of her subjects. Her works capturing the Southwest are especially impressive. Not only is Heidi a wonderful artist, but she’s personable. She maintains a connection with her work, clients and customers. She is not simply satisfied selling artwork, she is selling a history and a lifestyle. I highly recommend Heidi’s work as either a commission, or existing work!”  ~W. Kulick

“Heidi is a fabulous artist. My wife and I have truly enjoyed every piece of art acquired from Heidi. In particular is the piece we commissioned – a portrait of our home. We received numerous compliments on all her work and I believe a few or our friends are now owners of her great work. Art is in the eye of the beholder and we receive a great sense of calm and peace as we enjoy her work. We are proud to say to friends that the art they are admiring is from “our” artist – Heidi. 

I only wish we had discovered Heidi sooner so that we could have acquired more of her work and enjoyed it that much sooner.” ~T. Rochford

“While attending an art show about ten years ago I met Heidi and was immediately drawn “into” her work. She has a great ability to take you away to another place and time with her paintings. Heidi is extremely passionate about her work; she is very personable and loves to share the stories and inspiration behind her paintings. That makes owning Heidi’s art special because you have a personal connection with both Heidi and her work.” ~F. Carman, Sales Manager, FPE Retail

“I can’t wait to see the finished piece here in my home. I have told many visitors what is coming from you. I know it will look perfect in my dining room.  Thank you for the sneak peek.”~N Bailey

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