PREORDER! Purple Passion

PLEASE NOTE: "Purple Passion" is currently available for preorder. Please expect a 6 - 8 week delay. You will receive an email when your order is shipped.

The echinopsis cactus serves as the focal point for this piece. Sometimes referred to as Easter Lily cactus, it is a plant that is densely covered with spines. The giant flowers (4-6 inches in size) are often multicolored with a beautiful translucent effect when in the sunlight. Most blooms only last one day and typically open at night. Larger plants can have several buds developing at different rates so a single plant can be in bloom for several days.

Shipping is included for the 18" x 18" size. For the 30" x 30" size, shipping charges will be billed separately and typically range from $60 - $125 depending on your location. Complete your order and I will bill you separately. You will only be billed for actual shipping, no handling fees will be added. Feel free to contact me for a shipping estimate.

This canvas giclee requires 2-4 weeks for production, stretching, and shipping. Please be patient, but be assured they are worth the wait!