Hoo, Me?

Watercolor on canvas framed- 8" x 8” (9" x 9” framed)

Part of my Wild October Instagram Painting Challenge Collection.

“Dwelling” was the subject for this contribution. The saguaro cacti in my neighborhood act as condominiums for a wide variety of critters. The Gila woodpeckers are typically the ones who start the process by pecking holes in the majestic totems. Once they have used their nests, they move on and other birds (cactus wrens, lovebirds, doves…) use these vacant nests to welcome their next generation. The nests are typically high in the cactus which provides protection from land dwelling predators and offers them a nice lookout over the Sonoran Desert. This particular elf owl hung out in this saguaro along one of my favorite hiking trails for most of the spring. 

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