Lavender Serenity

Watercolor on gallery wrapped canvas - 60" x 36”

Lavender is one of the best adapted plants for desert landscapes. It’s native to the Mediterranean coastline - it thrives in rocky, alkaline soils similar to ours here in the desert, loves full sun and heat, and once established, needs only occasional watering. Really important these days given our drought status.  An added bonus is the calming scent that creates serenity in your garden.

Spanish Lavender adds showy color in desert landscapes. Lavender-purple flowers blanket gray-green foliage in early to mid-spring. Scattered flowering continues through early summer. Unlike the elongated bloom spikes English lavender, this variety has short, squat flower heads with showy purple bracts (like bunny ears) that sprout from the top of these dark purple-blue heads.

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